Hold the raisins, I’ll take chocolate instead! https://thefoodcharlatan.com/skinny-oatmeal-chocolate-chip-cookies I have been making our healthier chocolate chip cookies for a while. Let’s bake! Low sugar & no butter or flour! Prep Time. The BEST ever almond flour chocolate chip cookies, paleo and gluten-free. Coconut oil adds moisture and crispness, while almond butter adds nuttiness and helps create a tender center. Also, if you are making almond flour oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, be sure to use dairy free chocolate chips. These Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are perfectly soft & chewy, made healthier with oat flour & no oil, and they are absolutely delicious! 20 mins. This option delivers complex carbs and additional fiber to make these tasty cookies a bit healthier. Raisins, chopped pecans, walnuts, and cranberries are my favorites, but you can choose anything you like! https://kitchenbelleicious.com/oat-flour-chocolate-chip-cookies 10 mins. Can I Add Extra Mix-Ins? Oats and chocolate are probably my all-time favorite cookie combo. Luckily these vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies fit the bill! It’s time for a new yummy, healthy cookie recipe! These healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are dairy free and gluten free, but if you aren’t avoiding dairy, feel free to use regular dairy butter or dairy chocolate chips. Homemade Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies. You guys, these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies are so good, they’re better than regular. Easy Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. This oatmeal cookie recipe is a fantastic base for any oatmeal cookie version I want to make. Nov 13, 2019 - The BEST healthier oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies NO flour or butter PLUS only 4 tablespoons sugar in the whole recipe! Finally, press chocolate chips on top of the cookies and bake for 10 minutes. It’s virtually the same as the base I use in my Toffee Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, except that I use part granulated sugar instead of all brown sugar here.And when there are no toffee bits to highlight, I actually prefer semisweet chips to milk chocolate in these cookies. And if you don’t like chocolate in your cookies, you can skip it! Mine was full of good eats and lots of time with Tony; it was his last weekend back home before he heads out for spring training down in Arizona. These cookies have been a long time coming. Just don’t add more than 1/4 cup. These Chewy Oatmeal Cookies, Oatmeal Creme Pies and these Healthy Oatmeal Apple Raisin Cookies are more you’ll love! Vegan / Egg Free Oatmeal Cookies. Skinny Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten Free) – these gluten free goodies are packed full of oats and dark chocolate and contain no butter, refined sugar, or flour!. No, quick oats have a much different texture than rolled oats and would act more like a flour in these cookies. Made in a single batch, and liked it so much, I made another – this time a double batch. These cookies don’t contain any flour, eggs or additional sugar, making them healthy enough to eat for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Easy, healthy Banana Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate Chips, you are what I need today.Chewy and choc-a-block with chocolate chips, this healthy dessert recipe is exactly what you should make when you are craving some old-school comfort (is there anything more classic or delightful than oatmeal, banana, and chocolate together?) If there was ever a time in the world to perfect a chocolate chip cookie recipe it would be now! Well, I'm pleased to say that I've completed my task. But, our Thrive Market delivery wasn’t for another week! And mentioned that I was still working on an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe. Add-Ins: When it comes to add-ins, I have tried a variety of ideas. Perfectly soft and chewy on the inside, and crisp on the edges. They’re also unbelievably soft and chewy (not one bit cakey! Although I haven’t personally tried it, readers have written in saying they’ve had great success substituting a flax eggs for the 2 eggs. Generally, two of my pantry staples that I keep up. Learn how to make the best healthy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from scratch! This recipe is so easy. You'll need a few pantry ingredients: OATS: I use oats a lot in my baking.Oats are an excellent source of fiber, especially beta-glucan, a type of soluble fiber responsible for keeping our heart healthy.It also supports the growth of good bacteria in our digestive tract, which is essential for our overall health. Your homemade oatmeal cookies would wind up being too dry. While I love a classic oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, sometimes I’m looking for a cleaner alternative that isn’t loaded with sugar, butter and flour. These oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are a spin on my oatmeal breakfast cookies and no flour cookies. Coconut Flour Oatmeal Cookies with chocolate chips are made with a delicious blend of gluten free coconut flour and oats, for a soft, tasty treat! Oh, and they are insanely quick to make! Total Time. These healthy chocolate chip cookies have no butter, white flour, or refined white sugar. Adaptations (based on what was available to me): 1) No peanut butter so used almond butter instead; 2) No chocolate chips, so used equal amount cocoa powder; 3) No vanilla so omitted. Used the Minimalist Baker GF flour and otherwise followed the recipe as is. I love these with dark chocolate chips, but you could use a lighter chocolate chip if you prefer. So easy to make and fills the need for a treat but still be somewhat healthy! If macadamia nuts weren’t so darned expensive, … Just like the breakfast cookies and flourless cookies, these healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies use simple and affordable wholesome pantry staple ingredients. #chocolatechipcookies My latest are these 4 ingredient flourless peanut butter oatmeal cookies. I made a big batch of these healthy chocolate chip cookies last night at around 10PM. (BTW, if you can't find any oat flour in the store, you can easily make your own oat flour by grinding up dry oats in a food processor.) Maybe it’s because I’ve been whipping up delicious eats like these healthier oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. 30 mins. Cookies will be soft right from the oven, let them cool at least 20 minutes before transferring to a cooling rack. How was your weekend? If you are looking for soft, chewy, and coconut-y cookies that are naturally sweetened and healthy, look no further! At the last minute, I decided to throw in a handful of macadamia nuts as well. Also, these GF Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies are so easy to make. These cookies are similar to my 2 ingredient banana oatmeal cookies. You won’t need any flax meal, pricy gluten-free flour mix, specialty “healthy” sugar (no such thing), and of course no animal products. At that time, I had already posted a no-butter chocolate chip cookie recipe, a butter chocolate chip cookies recipe, and a no-butter double chocolate chip cookie recipe. I was never a big fan of traditional oatmeal cookies, but grinding up the oatmeal to use in place of regular flour in cookies sounded both interesting and healthy. These cookies are full of sweet pumpkin, pumpkin spice, and melty chocolate chips. A few weeks ago, we really wanted cookies, but we were nearly out of both all purpose and whole wheat flour. Oatmeal Cookie Variations. Chocolate chips: Adding chocolate chips makes the cookies almost sinful. Plus, these cookies are sweetened with unrefined sugar! They are bursting with flavor and sure to be your new favorite healthy “indulgence.” Queue these healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! Healthy oatmeal cookies. Score! Kirbie — September 21, 2020 @ 12:13 am Reply. Nothing is better than a chocolate chip cookie until you add in some oats! This is my most requested recipe! Honey Oatmeal Cookies Recipe. I mentioned the recipe and the dark chocolate comments and the wife buys some dark chocolate chips (not too healthy but better than milk chocolate). ), even with no butter, eggs, dairy, flour or refined sugar!