Safety Excellency Looking for safety is one of the crucial aspects with the land cruisers. Part of Japan’s financial contribution to the United Nations has been in Toyota Land Cruisers rather than cash. Why are Toyota Land Cruiser FJ collctible desirable and worth so much? Because they’re built to last and everyone (including Toyota) knows it. Even harder to justify when the Land Cruiser, and Sequoia which shares the majority of parts, have existed in current form since 2007. Click on the links below to view them. We’ve come up with Original review: Dec. 15, 2019 My Toyota is a 1999 Land Cruiser. The cruisers just sit around on the lots to the chagrin of the dealerships. Toyota understands this and thus makes sure to deliver all kinds of safety measures to its. RE: Why is the Toyota Land Cruiser so expensive? I was surprised to find that a 4 year old Land Cruiser was $45,000 with 65,000 miles on it. What's basically the difference between the Land Cruiser and the Highlander and 4Runner? I told him I would drive it until I died. Hi Guys, I've always loved Land Cruisers but never even though to look at used ones because I thought they'd be significantly more expensive than used 4Runners. I've seen more than one report on PH giving a different ownership experience of Land Cruisers. I love it so much. So that’s why I’ve decided that the Land Cruiser is the greatest SUV in the world. And the new ones are close to $70,000. With a little effort, you can track one down in a color you like, work a nice deal via email and go pick it up. While the buy in has become super attractive. from 40 series to 80 series, sobrang taas ng price. Captain Steve is behind the scenes at the Hatteras Yachts factory in New Bern, NC, to discuss the higher cost of a Hatteras Yacht. You can see more picture of Why is the toyota land cruiser so expensive in our photo gallery. This is the price you have to pay to own vehicle on road. My husband bought it for me just before he died. Also we have full gallery of Why is the toyota land cruiser so expensive on this page which you can see. In the same boat is the 4Runner since 2009. Toyota sells little more than 3,000 Land Cruiser's a year in the U.S., compared with more than 40,000 in Australia, its biggest market. Toyota understands this and thus makes sure to deliver all kinds of safety measures to its users. They are a truly useful vehicle–good off-road capability, powerful, extremely reliable. I was suprised to find out that it's around $70,000 - more than the price of some luxury cars! View Quote The 4Runner and GX are made in the Tahara plant, and the Land Cruiser and LX are made in the Yoshiwara plant. Reactions: Rockey709 and hanotak Do you have use for a Land Cruisers are known for their unique styling and high price tag, their new 2020 model starting at $85,415. Everything in that car is made to last. Why is Land Cruiser so expensive? The total number of these Toyotas sold in the U.S. dropped from an impressive 15,000 units in 2000 to a sorry 3,219 in 2018. and are they a good car to own? So what can be done to keep Land Cruisers going in the US? It has a cast iron V6. I was in Tibet last summer and probably 1/3 of the cars on the road were Land Cruisers. I’m an anti-SUV kind of guy but I can totally see why the Land Cruiser is a crucial product. As sport utility vehicle sales climbed, Land Cruiser sales stagnated. Here's Why Toyota Land Cruisers Are So Popular On Cars & Bids! All Land Cruisers come with a 2.8-litre four-cylinder diesel engine, which officially returns up to 30.4mpg and emits well over 200g/km of CO2. Early version of Land Cruisers were popular for their off-road capability, hardy design while later models became well known for its high end luxury and a family hauler during the 1990s SUV frenzy. When you are spending that much money on an SUV, you expect good quality material and reliability, and the Land Cruiser offers both. The classic Land Cruisers are the models everyone lovingly associates with Toyota’s longest lasting nameplate, charmingly bare-bones amenities, and brutish off … Totally agree Shayne, and that's why I'm shipping my cruiser over here, instead of buying a 100/200 series. Does anyone know why the Land Cruisers are so expensive second hand in CH? Safety Excellency Looking for safety is one of the crucial aspects with the land cruisers. I knew my friend would not get market value at the dealer, in fact I offered to pay him 500 dollars more than his trade in value. Not bashing or trying to turn the thread around, just a reply to the original question about why they are so expensive. No not at all, I like Land Cruisers, but not exclusively. Or so I've heard. The only major electrical component on our 90 series is the fuel pump which can be swapped and then theres the electronics for those that have the Why are they so expensive? Land cruiser price in Middle East market in ruppes is just 40 lakh and Prado is sold for 24 lakh for base model. But in 2019 Land Cruiser is disappearing from the United States, only selling about one-fifth of vehicles now as compared to its peak demand. We asked various industry sources and found the issue is quite complex and varied. Because they can. The Land Cruiser has 100% real leather whereas in the Sequoia it is bonded leather, which doesn't wear as well or last as long because bonded leather is cheaper - blended and glued with plastic. for the past months, i came across a couple of LCs that were for sale. Land cruisers offer maximum comfort – that is why they are so expensive 4. Unfortunately, my great SUV now smells like a swamp — but I’m hoping that another thorough detailing fixes that … Tyler Hoover went broke after 10 years in the car business and Bottom line is the cruise line wants 2 people in the cabin and always have and they want that money somehow. what is so special about I recall my uncle bought a BJ40 several years ago. Why are land cruisers so expensive Because they are very good Which is the best if I do buy 20k budget and why and what should I look for mechanically and options wise I would not buy a 20k Land Cruiser. So why are parts so expensive in Australia? I asked Andrew why he believes Land Cruisers are so much more durable than other 4x4s. Why? One of the biggest influences on parts prices is the fact that Australia is a small market with high transport and staff costs as well as a falling dollar value. Things have been discontinued and what is still available is expensive. They are all made exceptionally well. Thread starter jahawk Start date Dec 6, 2020 Watchers 2 jahawk Joined Dec 2, 2015 Messages 455 Location arizona Dec 6, … Lets see how much this one goes for at a Dealer Only car auction and will it sell? Sure it’s heavy, but it’ll most likely outlive you. By so many standards, the FJ40 Land Cruiser is the definitive 20th century 4x4. This Site Might Help You. Land cruisers offer maximum comfort – that is why they are so expensive 4. The plastics in the Land Cruiser can withstand heat and wear over time better than the Sequoia also, it is one of the few cars tested for use in extreme climates like the middle east and the arctic. . What's so special about it? Im really thinking about making the switch to a 2004-2007 Landcruiser LC5, Ive currently got a 2005 Range Rover Sport and am at my wits end with it!, constant expensive faults, now the electric handbrake is making funny noises after taking it off road and the stereo